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Free rein to the extractive-and-pacifying financial model, thanks to decrees that claim urgency and necessity: in an infinite state of exception, a measure of the decline of democracies, Europe today is transforming its own territories into colonies.

Laws in contempt of the Earth, the climate and humans are approved by parliaments full of lawyers and consultants, where workers of the gig economy have no voice.

Instead, the solidarity of interest between humanity and the organic world finds expression at a grass-roots level, where necessity and urgency are directed at redistribution, protection, respect and living with the essential.

A real public debate finally exists in Europe, but outside of the usual power circles, among the resistance movements that examine and experiment, connect and endure.

The film is an attempt to make a useful contribution from Italy to connections and the search for consistency.


con quale

a film by
Claudio Papalia
Tiziana Ripani

First screening
documentary film, 2019, Italy – 70 min.
Sunday, 2 June 2019, 5 p.m.
Sala Gabriella Poli
Centro Studi Sereno Regis
Via Garibaldi 13 – Torino
FREE ADMISSION, limited seating
reserve places: info@trancemedia.eu

At the end of the screening, a discussion follows with
Ezio Bertok, Controsservatorio Valsusa
Alessandro Manuelli, engineer, consultant for the town of Melendugno, TAP project
Sandro Moiso, writer and blogger, Carmillaonline.com
Andrea Turco, writer and journalist, MeridioNews
and the film-makers

Subtitled editions: please email fertrights@trancemedia.eu


download Con_Quale_Diritto-film-2019, 6 pages w/ Eng data sheet



Film trailer

sperimenta contenuti transmedia di realtà,
ricerca nuovi approcci editoriali e culturali nel secolo
che vede crollare i paradigmi della modernità passata.
Ambiente, territori, energia, democrazia, debito,
con le relative collisioni, sono temi ricorrenti
della nostra attività editoriale partecipata online.

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